Township Roots (NGO) works to improve the lives of young people living in Nyanga, Cape Town.
  • What is the problem we are trying to solve?

    Education is a ticket out of poverty, yet most schools in Nyanga only have the resources to provide very basic education opportunities for young people. As a result, many children, some as young as 12, are dropping out of school.

  • How do we respond to the problem?

    We exist to motivate students by making education fun and engaging. We offer educational and life-skills programmes that we run after school, on weekends and during school holidays. Children in Years 5, 6 and 7 are supported with the goal of helping them transition into high school with a strong foundation.

  • Specifically we:

    1. Provide High School scholarships to help children transition after primary school.

    2. Manage a Book club that also incorporates spelling bees.

    3. Run a life skills program that utilizes Capoeira, Yoga & Arts.

  • Yoga is greatly beneficial to providing children with a well-rounded education. Not only does it have physical benefits that improve health and vitality, physical strength, posture, flexibility and co-ordination, but it also helps improve mental and emotional well-being through memory, creativity, self-confidence and self-esteem. Practicing Yoga contributes to building a greater understanding of oneself as well as the world in which we live.

    We are currently running a six-week yoga programme in Bongolethu Primary School. With the intention of it becoming a regular program in all four schools we are working in.

  • This new program focuses on developing literacy at elementary level. In partnership with the Centre for Books (who run under the umbrella of the National Library), we are promoting the culture of reading in our communities and hoping to encourage new attitudes amongst young people towards it. Township Roots has launched reading clubs in four schools (Entshona, Bongolethu, Masivuke and KwaFaku) and started with classes in two schools (Bongolethu and Entshona). Targeting literacy levels will enable young people to excel in their learning and public-speaking as well as build self-belief and confidence.

  • Township Roots offers a Scholarship Award each year which recognises outstanding students from the high schools in Nyanga. The students receive R500 vouchers to cover basic schooling needs such as stationery, uniform and excursions. The scholarship program was launched in 2013 and powered through our partnership with N/Ascenta in New York.

  • At Township Roots, our aim is to make school fun and exciting for young people. We offer Capoeira classes in partnership with Cordao de Ouro Capoeira in Cape Town. We work closely with Brazilian instructors Contra Mestre Espirronho and Mordaca who travel the world teaching the principles of Capoeira. Capoeira is really helping our kids by bringing a fresh and exciting energy to their learning environment. It encourages creativity and physical activity while developing their disciple and focus. We have commenced our 2014 classes and our objective will be to expand the program to include more schools as well as integrate it with our reading clubs.

  • We work closely with parents and encourage their involvement at meetings, events and running activities. Our aim is to mobilise parents and allow them the space to work with Township Roots for the benefit of the kids.

  • Thembani Mbadlanyana

    Chairman of the Board

    Researcher for the Portfolio Committee on Police
    Parliament of the Republic of South Africa
    Tel: +27 745671978

    Thembani Mbadlanyana currently works as a researcher for the Portfolio Committee on Police at the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. His most recent job before joining Parliament was that of a Research Specialist in the Governance and Security Programme at Africa Institute of South Africa.

  • Bulelani Futshane


    Programme Support Office
    Wyecroft Road
    Mowbray, Cape Town

    Bulelani Futshane currently works as a Programme Support Office at PRAESA for the Nal’ibali campaign. He was in the top 3 most promising young social entrepreneur at Spark* South Africa’s Changemakers Summit in 2012. He was selected for a $10,000 grant for new grassroots organization in Nyanga.

  • Nosisa Mhlathi

    Fundraising coordinator

    Riverside Mall
    Main Road
    Rondebosch, Cape Town

    Health, Youth, Social and Community Development
    Advocating for life-saving HIV/AIDS and TB treatment across the country
    Campaigning for access for a good quality public health system in South Africa
    Journalism at the University of the Western Cape

  • Spark* International

    Spark* International

    supports Township Roots both financially and strategically. They provide mentorship on social enterprise, business strategy, marketing and branding.

  • Conco Consolidated Infrastructure Group Limited

    Conco Consolidated Infrastructure Group Limited

    selected Township Roots for their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative in 2013 via a connection with fellow Spark* International Changemaker, Dineo Kwili.

  • Activate Leadership

    Activate Leadership

    trained Township Roots staff members on how to become effective community mobilisers.

  • Cordao De Ouro Capoeira

    Cordao De Ouro Capoeira

    have partnered with Township Roots in promoting Capoeira in Townships of Cape Town.

  • National Library Centre for Books

    National Library Centre for Books

    are partners with Township Roots promoting literacy via reading clubs in primary schools.

Get Involved

Our International volunteers

We encourage volunteers from around the world. At the beginning of 2014, we hosted two volunteers from Germany, Sophia Ma and Franziska Hu. They ran arts and sport activities with students from Entshona Primary School and spent the month of March working with grade 5-7 students every Monday Wednesday.

We are looking for volunteers to assist
in following areas:

• Reading Club Volunteers
• Mentors for the Scholarship alumni
• Administrators • Researchers • Fundraisers
• Web Developers

To apply to become a volunteer, please send us your CV/resume to



    Entshona Primary School

    Address: 673 Sagoloda Street, Phillippi, Western Cape, 7785, South Africa
    Tel: 021 370 0001

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    Nosisa Mhlathi

    Fundraising coordinator

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